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10 thoughts on “The Game of Carrom”

  1. We are looking for Carrom players for a high profile TV commercial that will be filmed at the start of August. There is no payment made for attending the casting, however, if they are successful they will be paid anywhere between £300 and £2500 depending on the final edit.

    If you know any Carrom Players that might be interested they will need to e-mail a photo to:


    Also included in the e-mail needs to be name/Age/Location/Contact Number

  2. I have 40 years experience at Carrom, learnt the game from my father and still play with all my grandchildren.
    I love the game and I am very passionate about it. A Beautiful game.

  3. Hi Sarah Urban,

    My son who is eight years old is very passionate about the game and also plays extremely well for his age. I was wondering whether he could take part in the advert you stated above.

  4. My partner has a board and plays well. Moved to South Norfolk 3 years ago from Luton. Are there any others near us who play?

  5. Looking to join like minded people, Amature Carrom players , I am 80 years of age and still drive.
    I live in Reading, RG1 6 ET Berkshire. Please advise, thanks.

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