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Find out about the history of carrom, the equipment required to play the game, the rules of carrom, tips to improve your game, other carrom resources around the web and more. Furthermore, visit our Carrom Shop to purchase a selection of carrom boards, carrom men, strikers and powder online.

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  1. I have inherited a Carrom board and would like to know if it has any value at all. It was bought in 1998 by the look of a mark on the rear from Karums who do not appear to exist anymore. I have photographs of the top and underside

    1. In the 1990’s I also bought a very good board and still use an excellent striker from a company called Karum. As far as I know, the boards were made at a UK farm outside London and sold at the Covent Garden open market. The company no longer trades and I could not trace them myself.
      The board I bought conforms to the International Carrom Federation and is of competition quality. Check for 29″x29″ internal playing area of birch plywood with 2″ deep plywood layers and 3″ wide hardwood frame. Plywood is so deep that no traditional back supports are needed to ensure it stays flat. Playing surface should be very smooth, as it is not worth replacing it. High quality carrom boards are worth £150-£450.

      1. I also bought one of these in the mid 90s from the guy in Covent Garden Market. Paid about 120 quid I think. It still in perfect condition and spend its time hanging on the wall in the hallway. Great board to play with and a great ornament too.

  2. Does this Association still exist in the real world? If so, I would like to know more as I have a Carrom Board and pieces.

  3. Hello
    We have a carrom board and would like to know its value and where to sell it
    Is this something you can advise on ?
    I can send pictures if required
    It was made by Karum, and is in excellent condition

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