Caring for your Carrom Board

  • Although carrom boards can be stored flat or vertically on their side, it is preferable to store the board flat (e.g. on the floor under the bed) to minimise the risk of warping.
  • Avoid leaning your board against a heated radiator, as it can cause damage to the polished surface and even result in warping of the plywood.
  • Use a soft dry cloth to clean the surface prior to each game session. Keep the surface well powdered in order to avoid damage to board surface due to abrasion.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures (hot or cold) and moisture or dampness.
  • Once in a while, after wiping off all the residual powder, spray the board’s surface with furniture polish such as Pledge, and wipe clean with a soft dry cloth.
  • Keep the surface of strikers and carrom men free from grease and dust.

6 Replies to “Caring for your Carrom Board”

  1. I recently used a boric acid powder bought in Brick Lane UK and brought it back to Australia. Now the powder just slows down the play. I have a King board and keep it in impeccable shape (also shipped from UK to Aus!). What am I doing wrong with the powder? Is it because I took it on a flight from UK to Aus?

    I know I can easily get boric acid here in Aus, it was more for the nostalgia of a Brick Lane purchase because that is where I was brought up!

  2. “Mothers” spray wax is widely recommended for re-waxing crokinole boards after several months of play. Is it necessary to wax Carrom boards? I occasionally wax my cheap set and it works ok, but I wouldn’t want to damage an expensive board once i buy one

    1. I’d be interested in anyone’s opinion on re-varnishing a board I recently got from Islamabad. I tried a bit of pledge on it but it immediately started to run the colours in the markings. I’d guess if there is any varnish top coat it is water based and very thin.

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