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  1. Hi,
    I live in Sweden and have bought an Precise Elegant jumbo 28mm.
    I imported the Carrom Board from India and when i got my board and opened I saw the fram damaged and so the playing surface.
    Now to my Question; is tthe playing surface and frame treated with waterbased products or oil based Products. I’m asking this because the store here is asking this so they can give me the right products.
    I´ve bought paint and varnish which is two based epoxy (one is varnish/paint and the other base is hardener, Epoxy). and to protect it against UV i’ve bought varnish also ttwho bases, one part is varnish and Another part polyeuritne. all the above is waterbased.

    please help me so i can save and enjoy my favourite game for very long time.!

    thanks in advance!


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